Project - Informations

This project is sponsored with OpenSource Licences from

YourKit Jetbrains


You can login as guest at TeamCity to see all build configurations and the actual state of develop- and master-branch.


For the coverage and other metrics we are using our SonarCube installation. Feel free to check it.


We are checking all dependencies with VersionEye. We try to use the latest versions for all parts of the project.

master: [Dependency Status]

develop: [Dependency Status]


If you want to browse the code, feel free to try our Upsource. We are using this for Team - Code-Reviews too. If you have any questions to the code, mark the part you are interested in and send this link to us with your questions.

Upsource - RapidPM - Dynamic Dependency Injection sponsored by from Macros reply GmbH


For the versionplanning and bugtracking we are using

Youtrack - RapidPM - Dynamic Dependency Injection