Welcome to Dynamic Dependency Injection

Here we are working on Dynamic-Dependency-Injection. You could find this repo on Github -> Dynamic-Dependency-Injection

Basics about DI -Frameworks

If you want to know a little bit more about DI-Frameworks and the comparison between some of them you could read the following.

DI Frameworks - hidden pearls from Sven Ruppert

Or if you want to see it as a talk...

What goal we want to reach?

After a longer time using differend DI-Frameworks I decided to start with an internal research project to explore the possibilities to write a different DI-Framework. Something that would fit better to my needs to work with old and big legacy projects. Based on the ProxyBuilder - www.proxybuilder.org that was born during the time I was writing the german Book "Dynamic Proxies" with Dr. Heinz Kabutz, I started to use this for the implementations of my first version of the Dynamic Dependency Injection project.

The goals I wanted to reach are:

Jump start

If you want to start using this project inside your project you could start with the following dependency inside your pom.xml


If you are using releases only you will get them from maven central. But if you want to use the developer snapshots too, you have to use the maven central SNAPSHOT repository.

Add the following to your settings.xml to get the snapshots.